Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ordering Fastfood 101

What do you usually get when you eat out? How often do you eat out? Do you get annoyed knowing your probably spending more eating out than what you would spend to just eat at home by making food for your self? Well even though it can be stressful for the consumer, it can be just as and sometimes even more stressful for the minimum wage worker, especially when they have to deal with an unhappy customer when there is nothing that they them self can do anything about the problem. Here are some tips when eating out for consumers.

1. Know your budget
2. Gain knowledge of the restaurants around you, what they sell, and what their prices are
3. Decide to eat at a place that wont kill your budget or leave you with no money
4. If you cannot afford to eat out then you probably shouldn't eat out and wait to eat until you get home or to a grocery store where you can get some food that will last you more than one meal.
5. Know your body. If you really are that hungry and cant wait to eat until you get home, then eat, don't be stupid, you need to take care of your body. 
6. If you must eat out and have very little money to do so, don't get a big meal, just get something small to hold you over, that way you did lose some money but not all, and you actually did a favor on your body by eating a smaller portion because its healthier for your body to eat in smaller portions, we don't need to overfill our bodies. 
7. If you don't like the prices of a restaurant, then don't eat there, eat where you are comfortable at paying a price.
8. If there is only 1 restaurant available and you are not happy with the prices but need to eat, get over it and eat without complaining to anyone; that includes workers, customers, and managers because they are not responsible for the prices, they in fact cannot do anything about the prices. Act like an adult and a role model.
8. Before you go up and ask for prices, use your reading skills that you were forced to learn in the 1st grade to read the menu. On the menu are items that the restaurant you are at serves, prices, and combo options that might save you about 10 cents.
9. If you really have no idea how to order at that certain restaurant, go ahead and ask the minimum wage worker politely how to order at that restaurant. The reason for this is some restaurants like to have unique ways to order in order to keep the creative style going in that particular restaurant and leave the experience memorable to the lucky person who was actually able to afford to eat there that day.
10. If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask, its ok to ask the worker helping you to explain why you cant have 2 sides and an entree to make a meal instead of the actual form of a meal of one side, a drink, and an entree just because you are too stupid and arrogant to know your self. Just be polite and courteous to the poor soul worker that has to deal with you.
11. If you aren't happy that you cannot form your own combo style, please don't get mad at the worker, remember they are the minimum wage worker and they don't have meetings in the back room and make these decisions of how the business is ran, they don't get to make any decisions at all, they only get to follow the rules and follow orders given to them by their bosses.
12. If you don't like the prices, again please don't get mad at the worker, they don't get to make those decisions either. 
13. Remember that the people who make the decisions for the way you order and the prices are the people you will probably never ever see, so please do not take out your anger on the workers, its not their fault for the way things are at the restaurant nor the prices, you can ruin your day but please don't ruin the day of the worker that is just trying to make $40 in 8 hours of labor work.
14. Do your best to not get mad at the worker, they don't have anything to do with the way the business is ran
15. Please always remember to thank the worker because its polite.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this will help someone out there to be a better human being by thinking on their own, making their own decisions and treat those that serve them better.